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Re: [RFC] "actionpoints"?

On Monday 18 January 2010 18:53:21, Stan Shebs wrote:

> As a small quasi-data-point, in my tracepoint tinkering, I noticed that 
> once breakpoints and tracepoints were merged, I drifted into the habit 
> of doing "info b" even when I'm only wanting to see the list of 
> tracepoints.  That might just be because the list has tended to be 
> short, only around five action/event/x/*points in all; I imagine that 
> filtering by type gets more interesting at 10 and up, as happens with 
> rbreak and the like.

Same here.

I've always missed a way to get a list of _only_
breakpoints (points in the program where execution should break),
not including watchpoints, catchpoints, whatnot.  I'm now wishing
more for this ever since we merged tracepoints and breakpoints.

Another missing functionality I often miss is way to delete
all breakpoints, but _only_ breakpoints --- leave watchpoints, 
tracepoints, etc.


 "delete breakpoints" - deletes everything (breakpoints, tracepoints,
watchpoints, whatnot).

 "delete tracepoints" - deletes only tracepoints.

 There's no "delete watchpoints", for example.

I find this inconsistenty confusing.  If we could have
a new "delete actionpoints" command, we could re-alias "delete" to
delete all kinds of action points, and then have "delete
breakpoints" delete only breakpoints.

Pedro Alves

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