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Re: Problems while debugging fortran

> > Here's a relevant patch from the Debian packages of GDB.  As you can
> > see it comes from a mailing list message - I don't remember exactly
> > who submitted it without looking it up and I don't remember exactly
> > why it was never committed, but it was probably Wu Zhou and it was
> > probably never merged because of the larger issue of symbol case
> > sensitivity.
> This patch works fine _if_ the compiler is gfortran/g77. However, not
> all compilers call the program by "MAIN__". So, I was thinking about
> having something in symtab.c:find_main_name that checks DW_CC_program
> value if the language is Fortran and get the name from the main
> routine from DW_AT_name. Is that an acceptable solution?

Unfortunately, this is an idea that has already been discussed
a couple of years ago, and people felt that this was not the
intent of that attribute. See:

I haven't followed any development on the DWARF3 side whether
something more appropriate has been introduced for that purpose.

What compiler are you using? Do you have any control on what
your compiler does? Perhaps you can add an extra symbol like
we do with the Ada compiler? Just some thoughts...


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