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Work Online From Home.

Would you like to work online from home and get paid weekly? Himage Holding Ltd, Kowloon, Hong Kong. 
Needs a book keeper, so we want to know if you will like to work online from home and get paid weekly without leaving or affecting your present job? Himage Holding Ltd., Kowloon, Hong Kong is an electronics firm here in Kowloon, Hong Kong and we need someone to work for the company as a representative/book keeper in the UK,United States, Canada and the rest of Europe countries. 
Our company produces and deals in all kinds of electronics here in Kowloon, Hong Kong which we have clients we supply weekly all around the globe in the UK, United states, Canada and rest of Europe countries, our clients make payments for our supplies every week via Bank Transfer,Wire Transfer, Bank Drafts and Cashiers Cheques. 
So we need someone in the UK, United States, and Canada and Europe countries to work as our representative and assist us in processing the payments from our clients and will be entitled to remuneration.
All you need to do is to receive payments from our customers in the UK,United States, Canada and Europe countries, deduct 10% commission and send the balance to us.
Do let us know if this is of any interest to you by responding via this email address for correspondence (
Mr. Mr Alfred Wagoner.
For: Himage Holding Ltd.

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