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Re: attaching gdb causes pthread_create hang [gdb6.3, long subject]

On Fri, Sep 07, 2007 at 11:20:46AM +0200, Bogdan Slusarczyk wrote:
> Hi everyone, maybe you can help me.
> There is following scenario:
> 1) I use gdb6.3, which was build on some linux, and I cannot change its version 
> and cannot build gdb for every linux on the world (I mean I have to deliver 
> built gdb to customers, regardless of which linux they have)

Sorry, but if you say "I have a version of GDB three years old and it
has this problem", we're only going to suggest you try the current
version.  We've spent those three years fixing problems in GDB.

> - when I build the same gdb version on such specific linux, it works fine too!

I don't know what this might be.  My first guess would be that the
system you're building on didn't have tkill available.

> -what kind of operations does gdb which could harm debugged application?

It debugs it!  Debugging, especially for threaded programs, is
intrusive and complicated.

Daniel Jacobowitz

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