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Re: trying to build gdb with renamed cygwin1.dll

Fahd Abidi wrote:
Actually I am planning on eventually building a cross debugger for
arm/ppc/mips/xscale. But that will be afterwards. Right now I am just
trying to get the gdb binary to be stand alone. Actually I had allot of
success with building with the --disable-shared and --enable-static
option and was able to move the resulting gdb across different versions
of cygwin1.dll without it complain about using an incompatible version
of cygwin1.dll.

Well, if you intend to use a cross-debugger eventually, it's probably best to start out with one now. They don't need as much support for the host as a native debugger, and so are more likely to build. In the case of MinGW, this is particularly true.

If the debugger does not yet support your target then just pick a random target and pipe-clean your build with that. Some have issues of their own, but most work.

Thanks for all the help. Sorry if I posted your email will be more
careful in the future. Is there a moderator here that can remove the
email address from my previous post?

No, once it's in the wild it's not retrievable.

See this absolutely hilarious attempt to get a message removed from the GCC archive:
(sorry for multiple links - they're not very well threaded).


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