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question about -file-exec-and-symbols gdbmi command

Hello folks,

I am using  gdb with the mi2 interpreter.

I do -file-exec-and-symbols <prog-1>, set a couple of
breakpoints, do a bit of debugging a bit etc.

Then I do a -file-exec-and-symbols <prog-2> .
At this point, gdb tries to set the breakpoint I have set previously,
while debugging <prog-1>. Of course, that attempt fails. Is this
behavious normal ? I would have thought that gdb should clear the
current breakpoints when -file-exec-and-symbols is run on a new exec

Also, is there an irc channel (or jabber room) where the gdb developers
can be reached ? This is typically the case of small stuff some people
(like me) would love sending a patch for. And having the developpers at
hand to ask some questions quickly like -  "where is function to look at
to clear the breakpoints ?" where the function called by
"-file-exec-and-symbols to actually do the work ?" - would help a lot
to increase the mindshare of GDB internals.


Dodji Seketeli

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