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RE: [mingw32] stdin redirection

On 12 April 2007 17:48, Joel Brobecker wrote:

> I see what you mean now. I had a look at the MSDN documentation
> for that function: They list the types of handles that can be used,
> and they do not list files. However: They do not list pipes either.
> So I'm wondering whether I'm looking at the right thing at all...

In some circumstances, you can also use a file, named pipe, or communications
device as a synchronization object; however, their use for this purpose is
discouraged. Instead, use asynchronous I/O and wait on the event object set in
the OVERLAPPED structure. It is safer to use the event object because of the
confusion that can occur when multiple simultaneous overlapped operations are
performed on the same file, named pipe, or communications device. In this
situation, there is no way to know which operation caused the object's state
to be signaled.

For additional information about I/O operations on files, named pipes, or
communications, see Synchronization and Overlapped Input and Output.

Also perhaps "Using Pipes" 

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