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Re: [RFH] adding gdb.pascal subdir

On Wed, Apr 11, 2007 at 09:22:24AM +0200, Pierre Muller wrote:
>   The first step is to add a new directory called gdb.pascal in
> gdb/testsuite directory.
> But I am already lost here:
>   I saw in the sources that I should add reference to this directory in
> but if I run autoconf after the configure script is changed a
> lot.

This usually means you have the wrong version of autoconf.  I keep a
build of the FSF release tarballs of autoconf 2.59 and appropriate
automake versions to use when regenerating files in GDB or GCC.

> I read in the Contribute file that we do not need to commit the regenerated
> configure file,
> but if we want to check the effect before committing, the fact that
> the regenerated configure is different from the one automatically 
> regenerated on the CVS repository might lead to unnoticed problems.

That's not what it is trying to say - you have to commit the change.
But you don't have to post it to the list, since it's not useful for
people to read it.

>   Furthermore, none of these two compilers are included by default
> on all platform, as can be expected for GCC.
>   This means that we need to find a way to check for the presence of
> a valid pascal compiler. There might be some equivalent code 
> for fortran or ada compilers, but these seem to be
> special switches of gcc whereas both gpc and fpc.
>   So the main question is where should I include code 
> to test for the presence of a valid pascal compiler
> and how to only run the tests in gdb.pascal 
> if a valid compiler was found.

Take a look at the java.exp and ada.exp support code.  You'll want a
pascal.exp.  You can avoid target_compile entirely if that's easiest,
although I've made it work  with a completely non-GCC compiler in the
past.  All you really need is the bit at the bottom that handles
moving the source and executable around and calling remote_exec.

I can help you with it if you need.  The TCL bits are confusing.

Daniel Jacobowitz

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