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Re: Organization of breakpoint locations

Daniel Jacobowitz schrieb:
> Have you tested this in any real world use yet?  This is only the
> first limitation you'll encounter, I think.  For instance, every time
hm, I only did manual tests yet. And for a single continue, even a scan
over 50000 breakpoints is not that bad. But I see your point:
Ultimately, this large number of breakpoints comes from automatic
program tracing, which will stop and continue thousands of times.

> these?  Your key would not be the address, but the address plus the
> breakpoint sequence number.  That handles one and two.  Then you can
good idea. I thought that a breakpoint could have more than one
bp_location associated with it, preventing such a scheme (but even then
a breakpoint would probably not have more than one location with the
same address).
> To be honest, I don't think this will be a small change either way.
I will give the libiberty splay a try, that should be easy. But if
resetting breakpoints is indeed as slow as you indicated, by patch is
probably pointless. What a shame. That would have been a very portable
and nice way to automatically trace execution flow.


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