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Re: Break in a thread but continue other threads

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Date: Sat, 17 Feb 2007 09:07:09 +0100 (CET)
From: Nicholas Mc Guire <>

One posible solution for this problem would be to use tracepoints - we
have completed the first version of tracepoints for Linux (PPC,MIPS,X86)
and it is available via cvs at:

  cvs -d login
  password: anoncvs
  cvs -d co tracepoints

Any reasons why this wasn't submitted for inclusion in GDB?

It just was completed last week and is not ready yet for inclusion - it
simply did not get enough testing yet. Also we are still missing a few
commands (i.e. two of the tfind commands) and we have a few glitches
to cleanup first (fist tfind is ignored, breakpoints and tracepoints at
the same address fail, etc.).

Also one problem is that GDB requires that copyright is assigned to the GDB project (correct me if thats wrong) and Siemens AG witch sponsored the work is only willing to release it under GPL V2 but not give up copyright.

I have no problem with this going into GDB mainstream though once its
clean (and documented).

BTW I would like a small change to the tracepoint comand interface if
posible - I would need an extra parameter to tstart that would allow to
pass the number of traceevents that will occure so that one can allocate
memory on the target side before the trace experiment starts instead of
during runtime


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