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gdb on arm-wince-pe

Hi all!

I have gdb built for target arm-wince-pe on a cygwin host.
This if for I new project I am developing to bring gnu tools for arm-wince-pe up to speed.
Check out cegcc if you're interested. (
I am now looking into gdb to implement a few missing things and trying to remove a few quirks here and there.

I have been looking through the code for a few hours to get a grasp on gdb internals.
With some patches the gdb/wince-stub.c is now working ok. Not perfect yet, but working.
I now want to implement CTRL_c breaking into the remote app.
It currently does nothing when the target program is being debugged, and prints "Quit" when there is no program being debugged.

Where should I start looking for/what is needed to implement it (ctrl_c breaking)?
I tried debugging arm-wince-pe-gdb on gdb itself, putting some breakpoints in the signal handling,
and issuing kill -INT signals to see what happens there, and I see that ultimatly, quit (void) is called.
Is there some target_op that I should implement, or should I provide my own signal handling?

Pedro Alves

P.S. Please add me to the cc list, as I am not (yet) on this mailing list.

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