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Re: gdb on AIX

> I found this in gdbgdb/config.log subdir
> ....
> configure:7550: checking for main in -lm
> configure:7606: result: no

This is incomplete. Did you get this after a first configure run,
or did you do a reconfigure. For instance, I checked in one of the
builds we have here, and I see:

    configure:7550: checking for main in -lm
    configure:7574: gcc -o conftest -g -D_LONG_LONG    conftest.c -lm   >&5
    configure:7580: $? = 0
    configure:7584: test -z
                             || test ! -s conftest.err
    configure:7587: $? = 0
    configure:7590: test -s conftest
    configure:7593: $? = 0
    configure:7606: result: yes

I do get the same result as you, however, if I do a second configure
over an already configured directory. What happens is that configure
then uses the cache instead of recomputing everything. 

The part of configure that does this checking is right after:

    # ---------------------- #
    # Checks for libraries.  # 
    # ---------------------- #
    # We might need to link with -lm; most simulators need it.

In particular, I see:

          echo "$as_me: failed program was:" >&5
        sed 's/^/| /' conftest.$ac_ext >&5

So in your case where the result is "no", you should get two things:
The full listing of the program that configure tried to compile and
GCC failed to build, and just before that, the actual error printed
by the compiler.

Short of that, I can only suggest to dive into the configure script
and add some traces to help you find the source of your problem.

You may also try to do a 

        make LDFLAGS="-lm" 

That will just work-around your problem, but perhaps you'll be able
to get a debugger in the meantime.


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