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Re: Filename with "./" in breakpoint command

Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:

> On Wed, Dec 07, 2005 at 10:46:54AM +0300, Vladimir Prus wrote:
>> > Vladimir's original report is for communication from an IDE to GDB.
>> > "Find the best match" and "ask the user" aren't very helpful; the IDE
>> > needs to unambiguously specify what file it's already opened and is
>> > showing to the user, in a way that GDB can understand precisely what
>> > file is meant.  Absolute pathnames seem awfully convenient for that.
>> Yes. I've just suggested that not supporting relative paths can be not
>> very convenient for those directly using console interface. Especially
>> when you say "break ./tracepoint.cpp:NNN", gdb suggests that this file
>> might be in shared library that's no loaded yet, which can confuse users
>> even more.
>> I think either:
>>    1. Relative paths should be handled fine, or
>>    2. Relative paths should produce a warning from gdb.
> I'd rather #1.  But, there's a lot of room for what "fine" is.
> Relative only to $cdir?  Relative to the directory search path?

I'd say relatively to $cdir. I just did not though about the second
approach, and I still think $cdir is more intuitive.

- Volodya

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