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Re: Questions about GDB-MI Interface`


Yeah, there were a bunch of things I had to fix to get this to work (getting
breakpoint commands that continue the target not to fall over, for instance,
was a bit of a trick).  But it seems pretty solid now.  The only major thing
I have to fix is restructuring the startup sequence so that "run" commands
issued in the .gdbinit file work...

Most of the trouble that remains on our side is the result of the odd
interplay between Mach and BSD in Mac OS X.

This is another of the bits that we need to find time to disentangle from
everything else and submit.  Oh for those extra 5 or 6 hours per day!


>> Yes, this is the way that we do it.  After all, the intepreter-exec command
>> is an MI command, so I just accumulate the hook results in the result of the
>> MI command, and send them all when it is done.  This works great in the
>> async case, because even if you start the inferior you get an immediate
>> "done" for the command, with all the hook results as well.  I think this
>> will have to be worked on a bit in the synchronous case, so that you send
>> some out-of-band MI message.  Though it has a few of its own problems, the
>> Async stuff makes this sort of thing MUCH easier!!
> Another, er, one of those, er, ``overriding objectives'' is ment to be
> converting all natives to async mode.  I'm not exactly following this
> one through with much vigor though (I'm having too much fun just keeping
> multi-arch at bay :-).
> However, the positive is that we've now got native async code to refer to.
> enjoy,
> Andrew

Jim Ingham                    
Developer Tools - gdb

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