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Re: Questions about GDB-MI Interface`

> Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2002 12:23:17 -0700
>> From: Jim Ingham <>
>> So, we added an "-mi-interpreter-exec" command that runs commands as if it
>> were the console interpreter.  The syntax is:
>> mi-interpreter-exec console <command1> <command2> ...
>> These will feed the commands one by one to the execute_command function, AND
>> switch the output printer to the CLI printer, so you see console style
>> output.  Also, while the CLI command is running, it puts in place a series
>> of hooks that will report back interesting things to the GUI.
> Isn't it better to have the CLI-style output be followed by the
> MI-style output, with some clear separator between them?  The front
> end could then filter the CLI output to the display, while keeping
> the MI output for itself, to sync itself with the debugger.

I suspect the details would be like this.  There would also be a bit of 
pragmatism though.  To do this ``right'', GDB needs control over all 
output. That in turn means eliminating all those remaining printf's. 
Hmm, Pierre is quietly doing this!


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