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Re: Questions about GDB-MI Interface

> On Wed, 24 Apr 2002 wrote:
>> in mi/mi-main.c, where the CLI command forwarding is done, that says
>> /* A CLI command was read from the input stream */
>> /* This will be removed as soon as we have a complete set of
>>      mi commands */
>> Before we decide to go down the path of switching to MI, we need to confirm
>> that CLI-in-MI capability will continue to be available for us to provide a
>> console window for our users.
> I second that.  If this is removed, I think GDB/MI should introduce an 
> alternative feature with equivalent functionality, like some special 
> command that will allow a CLI command to be fed to MI.

There is a bit of history here.

The above was added as a ``hack'' so that people could enter normal 
commands into the CLI while debugging things.  It wasn't intended as a 
published interface.  The comments and documentation were strongly 
worded in an attept to stop people trying to pin GDB down on either the 
mechanisms interface (it doesn't exist) or long term support).

It was added with much hesitation because there was real concern that 
once a vaguely looking console mechanism was added, people would try to 
use it instead of investing the time and resources needed to address the 
problem of implementing a real console interface.


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