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Re: Output of CLI commands under --interpreter=mi


Yeah, the problem is that ripping the bits apart is not trivial either.  
I will see what I can find time to do later in May.  I won't get to it 
before then at all.  If somebody else wants to take a whack at this, 
please at least look at what I did as a starting point, and I will be 
happy to answer questions.


On Sunday, April 21, 2002, at 11:49  PM, Eli Zaretskii wrote:

> [Please don't remove Nick from the CC list: he's not subscribed to the
> mailing list.]
> On Sun, 21 Apr 2002, Jim Ingham wrote:
>> We did this for Apple's GDB and use with Project Builder in a slightly
>> different way.  First we made interpreters switchable (so there is a 
>> "set
>> interpreter" command that you can use within gdb).  When you are 
>> debugging
>> MI stuff in gdb, this itself is a big bonus!  Then I added a command 
>> to the
>> mi: "-interpreter-exec", which allows you to run a command as if it 
>> were run
>> under another interpreter - for instance "-interpreter-exec console 
>> list".
> That'd be fine, too.
>> I have not yet submitted any of this because this bit is only half of a
>> larger project, which is to include the Tcl interpreter from Insight 
>> as a
>> third interpreter in this setup.
> I think the feature of switching the intepreter is important enough and
> stand-alone enough to submit it without waiting for the rest of your
> project.  If you need a proof that it will be useful for other project,
> here came Nick and supplied it ;-)
Jim Ingham                         
Developer Tools - gdb
Apple Computer

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