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Re: core-file debugging with gdb

On Mon, 22 Apr 2002, Tung Bui wrote:

> Good day,
> I am using gdb to debug a core file gererated by a propietary target using
> OSE illuminator. 

I'm not familiar with OSE illuminator.  What is your proprietary target?

> Basically, I can read in the core file, get the symbols etc.
> I read the GNU document, but not a lot of mentioning what we can do to debug
> a core-file, such as how to know where the program crashed, how to trace back.

You can invoke gdb with the executable and the core file as arguments:
gdb <executable> <core-file>

Then you can get a stack trace (and find out where your program crashed)  
by using the backtrace command:

(gdb) bt

You can select a frame using the frame command:
(gdb) frame <n>

Once a frame is selected, you can examine local variables.

These commands are documented here:

> I appreciate very much any information you might have.

I hope this helps.  

In the future, please direct questions regarding gdb to Many people monitor this list and will be able to
provide answers where I may not.

gdb engineering

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