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Re: When isn't there a selected frame?

> Daniel Jacobowitz writes:
>  > On Sun, Apr 14, 2002 at 10:04:51PM -0400, Andrew Cagney wrote:
>  > > Hello,
>  > > > > Random bits of GDB contain code snipits like:
>  > > > > if (selected_frame)
>  > > ..
>  > > else
>  > > error ("No selected frame");
>  > > > > Is there any time when it doesn't make sense to have a selected frame 
>  > > (except, say when current_frame() is also NULL)?
>  > > Perhaps to handle when the target is not running?  I am pretty sure
>  > I've reached a couple of those messages.
>  > Yes, so it seems.  What about connecting to a remote target? Do you
> get a frame selected right away? How about attach? detach?  Hmm, I
> just tried with a sim and a native attach, and current_frame and
> selected_frame seem to be in sync, i.e, not null at the same time.

So, provided the target has ``state'', there is a frame.  This is 
different to ``no stack''.  Even with no stack, there can be a frame, it 
is just that it can't do much :-(

Anyway, this means the change:

>     get_selected_frame ()
>       if (selected_frame)
>         return selected_frame;
>       else
>         return get_current_frame ()

Well actually:
	if (selected_frame == NULL)
	  selected_frame = get_current_frame ();
	return selected_frame;

Is looking reasonable as a first cut.  Return what ever 
get_current_frame() thinks is the current frame.

> BTW, I always got a bit confused by the 'No stack' vs. 'No selected
> frame' message. I know that No stack has to do with the capabilities
> of the target as opposed at what your inferior program is doing right
> now, but as a *user* I find it a bit confusing.

> And don't forget the variations on the theme:
> "No frame selected"
> "No selected stack frame"
> "no frame selected"
> Should we stick with just one message?

Yes.  How to fix it, I'm not sure.  I suspect no one is really sure 
if/when selected_frame() can be null.


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