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FW: gdbserver, remote serial protocol and endian issues

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From: []
Sent: 09 April 2002 18:14
Subject: Re: gdbserver, remote serial protocol and endian issues

> I've spent a good proportion of the day trawling the list
> archives for JT Conklin's stuff.
> I noticed that he was a prolific contributor up to about 16 July
> 2001 and then just disappeared completely.

He was overtaken by other commitments.

> A cursory inspection of remote.c shows that the memory attribute
> changes have made it down to remote_xfer_memory(). I presume
> that all that needs to be done (for remote targets anyhow) is to
> come up with suitable changes to the rsp and propagate the
> parameters through.
> I see that one of JT's last contributions was a suggested
> syntax.

> Does anybody have any opinions on which way to go from here?

Proceduraly or technically?

Proceduraly, the first thing to do is get the GDB community to agree on 
the protocol extension.

Technically, the first thing to do would be the same - without that 
agreement you run the (real) risk of implementing a protocol extension 
that isn't accepted into the GDB source tree.


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