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Re: Help with Remote debbugging of PowerPC

> Can anyone help with a problem I'm having getting GDB talking to a
> remote target. I'm trying to get GDB working with an application
> running on a proprietary board with a Motorola MPC755. The comms is
> through shared memory, so I have written a TCP/IP socket to shared
> memory comms program, and use the 'target remote <host>:<port>'
> command in GDB to start things off.

Best thing to do first is download an up-to-date version of GDB.  See:

If you still have problems, remember to include the GDB version info
(displayed when GDB starts).

> [...]

> I am running GDB under Solaris 2.8. Do I need to build gdb for the
> power-pc target or does it automatically determine the target type ?

At present this doesn't happen :-(
You'll need to build a GDB configured for your target:

	..../configure --target=powerpc-eabi

for instance.  That is likely the problem.

> Is there any more documentation on remote debugging other than the GDB
> manual at ?

Not really.  It was recently made its own chapter (so it is easier to
find) but still needs significant work.


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