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Re: gdb crashes on Solaris


Can I suggest creating a bug report for this. See:
GDB is currently moving from e-mail to the web as the prefered way of 
tracking bug reports.  If you have difficulty doing this, please let me 


 From memory the 64 limit is a known problem and being worked on, abet 
slowly.  In the mean time, the below should get an array bounds 
assertion check so that the code doesn't smash memory.


> Using gdb 5.1.1 on Solaris
> When debugging a binary that has been instrumented with Purify, gdb
> crashes in elfread.c in the following block:
>                           if (index != -1)
>                             {
>                               if (sectinfo->sections[index] != 0)
>                                 {
>                                   complain (&section_info_dup_complaint,
>                                             sectinfo->filename);
>                                 }
>                             }
> Problem is that "index" has a value of 66, but the size of the array is 64
> (from SECT_OFF_MAX in gdb-stabs.h)
> Looks like the problem is still there in gdb+dejagnu-5.1.90_20020330
> -Stuart Kemp

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