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Current testsuite status

In happy news, with today's posted patches and a few others, I have just
finished my best testsuite run ever on i386-linux/2.95.3/-gstabs+:

                === gdb Summary ===

# of expected passes            8302
# of unexpected successes       12
# of expected failures          168

That's right, no unexpected failures :)

The twelve expected failures are: Two from FLAG_PROTOTYPED, which I have an
attack plan for but am waiting for 5.2 to be released before I deal with;
five from C++ tests that should probably just be marked passing; one from a
C++ test that I suspect passes only by chance; one in gdb.base/return.exp
that should probably be a PASS; gdb.base/interrupt.exp, which I have
completely given up trying to understand (argh!!!!); and two from
constvars.exp, which should be passes since they don't involve any constness

I'm probably going to pick another target/compiler/format combination and
try to do the same thing.  If I take gcc3.0/DWARF-2, I'm going to have to do
an awful lot of C++ cleanup I've been putting off... perhaps PowerPC/2.95

The patches:

<from Kevin, some weeks ago>
        * thread-db.c (thread_db_wait): Don't attempt to use
        lwp_from_thread().  Doing so assumes that the main thread
        is already stopped and this might not be the case.  Instead,
        simply wait for any thread.

2002-04-02  Daniel Jacobowitz  <>

        * gdb.c++/classes.exp ("calling method for small class"): Match
        updated register output.

2002-04-02  Daniel Jacobowitz  <>

        * gdb.c++/annota2.exp: Allow 2-4 "frames-invalid" markers.

2002-04-02  Daniel Jacobowitz  <>

        * config/i386/tm-linux.h: Define FILL_FPXREGSET.
        * gregset.h: If FILL_FPXREGSET is defined, provide
        gdb_fpxregset_t, supply_fpxregset, and fill_fpxregset.
        * linux-proc.c (linux_do_thread_registers): If FILL_FPXREGSET
        is defined, call fill_fpxregset.

2002-02-06  Jim Blandy  <>

        Fix from Daniel Jacobowitz:
        * config/i386/tm-linux.h (FRAME_CHAIN_VALID): Use
        `func_frame_chain_valid' for this.
        * i386-tdep.c (i386_gdbarch_init): Note that tm-linux.h is
        overriding the selection we make here.

2002-04-02  Daniel Jacobowitz  <>

        Fix PR gdb/81
        * breakpoint.c (bpstat_stop_status): Add ignore_breakpoints
        argument.  If ignore_breakpoints is nonzero, skip all
        breakpoint-like events.
        * breakpoint.h (bpstat_stop_status): Update prototype.
        * infrun.c (handle_inferior_event): Update calls to
        bpstat_stop_status.  Call bpstat_stop_status even if

2002-04-02  Daniel Jacobowitz  <>

        * jv-valprint (java_value_print): Limit read array elements by
        print_max instead of printed arrray elements.

2002-04-01  Daniel Jacobowitz  <>

        * Add ``void foo (String[] args)''.  Call it.
        * New test.
        * (ptype jmisc): Update to match ``foo''.  Add
        test for jmisc2.

2002-04-02  Daniel Jacobowitz  <>

        * linespec.c (decode_line_1): Check for a double quote after
        a filename correctly.

2002-04-02  Daniel Jacobowitz  <>

        * gdb.mi/mi-console.exp: Accept native console output as an
        XFAIL.  Don't run the test if we don't have inferior IO.
        * gdb.mi/mi0-console.exp: Likewise.

Daniel Jacobowitz                           Carnegie Mellon University
MontaVista Software                         Debian GNU/Linux Developer

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