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Re: Headers including other headers?

The style guide says:

> All `.c' files should include `defs.h' first.
> All `.c' files should explicitly include the headers for any declarations they refer to. They should not rely on files being included indirectly.
> With the exception of the global definitions supplied by `defs.h', a header file should explictily include the header declaring any typedefs it refers to.
> extern declarations should never appear in .c files.
> All include files should be wrapped in:
> header body
> #endif

along with:

> Declarations like `struct foo *' should be used in preference to declarations like `typedef struct foo { ... } *foo_ptr'.

(Daniel J, note clause #1 :-).

> Suppose a header file in gdb/ contains code cannot be compiled without
> definitions from other header files --- it uses typedefs, structures
> in a way that requires their size, etc.  Is it more proper for the
> header file to #include the other headers it requires itself, or
> should it be the responsibility of the .c file #including it to also
> bring in its prerequisites?
> In hopes that this doesn't start a really long thread of unsatisfying
> disagreements: I personally think that this is not a matter of huge
> consequence either way, but it's nicer to have a consistent pattern,
> so having someone simply establish any reasonable guideline is more
> important than the actual details of that guideline.
> I'm not volunteering to convert our existing headers; I just want to
> know what style is recommended for new header files.

If you find you need to #include a system header file (since defs.h 
doesn't include it) then consider re-structuring the code so that GDB 
uses a host independant type - make the object opaque for instance.


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