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Re: testsuite problems

> I'm currently seeing the following when running the testsuite.
> Running /nfs/sun18/work/rearnsha/gnusrc/src/gdb/src/gdb/testsuite/gdb.base/
> corefile.exp ...
> failed to get controlling terminal using TIOCSCTTYparent: sync byte write: 
> broken pipe


> However, it only occurs if I'm running the whole suite.  If I just run 
> corefile.exp it completes ok.
> I seem to remember something like this once before (on another testsuite); 
> IIRC it occurs when a connection to a child isn't shut down cleanly after 
> a test (normally because the test failed in some way); the controlling pty 
> isn't released cleanly and we then eventually run out of ptys.  Could this 
> be the problem here? -- certainly I'm seeing rather a large number of 
> failures at the moment, since I'm in the middle of trying to raise the ARM 
> code to multi-arch 1.

I don't know, could well be.  I've seen the message on FreeBSD and 
NetBSD systems and never been able to track it down - re-running the 
testsuite made it disappear :-(


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