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Re: Multi-arching FLOAT_INFO

> So it turns out that multi-arching FLOAT_INFO may not be completely 
> trivial either.  Only two ports really make use of this: ARM and i386.  
> The ARM code is straight-forward, but the code on the i386 is largely 
> disabled.  Indeed, the largest problem is i386b-nat.c which contains a 
> large chunk of code that is surrounded in "#ifdef FLOAT_INFO".  This file 
> seems to only be used on BSD4.4 systems (FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD all 
> seem to use their own nat files -- I'm not sure what BSDi uses).
> Since adding FLOAT_INFO to gdbarch will mean that it is now 
> unconditionally defined the question is - how to handle this chunk of 
> code.  I've no idea (and no way of testing) whether it will even compile 
> cleanly.
> Does anyone even use a system that relies on this file now?
> Suggestions welcome.

Have a look at REGISTER_NAME() vs REGISTER_NAMES and 
legacy_register_name.  There is no reason for you fixing anything other 
than the arm.

As for FLOAT_INFO, file a bug report indicating that it is deprecated. 
I'll also ARI it.


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