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Re: Gdbserver with powerpc

stefania magistrali wrote:
> I am developing a powerpc (860) board. I need to compile gdb for my host
> (Intel with Linux) and gdbserver for target. I configured the system
> like this:
> for gdb: ./configure --target=powerpc-linux
> and for gdbserver: ./configure powerpc-linux (then I set CC=cross
> compiler for powerpc)
> I have problems with gdbserver, I can't compile it. There are 2
> problems:
> 1) when I compile it, the utils.c file loads the server.h file and this
> loads the ../defs.h file (gdb/defs.h) where it is included the config.h
> file (gdb/config.h). But that file is created when I configured gdb 
> (with the host=Intel and target=powerpc) and so, p.e. it is defined
> HAVE_SYS_REG_H, when I haven't the file sys/reg.h for powerpc.
> Have I to configure it in a different way?

Yes; you have to configure and build gdb as if you wanted it to
run native on the ppc; only then can you configure and build gdbserver.

> 2) In low-linux.c there is a source code for Intel and m68k, I have to
> add code for powerpc? If so, do you know if someone has already done it?

Heh.  gdbserver is broken at the moment.  I posted recently with
almost identical questions.  There is talk of fixing it, but I
don't know if anyone's working on it.  Similarly, there's talk
of making it handle multithreaded programs, but I don't know
if anyone's working on that, either.
- Dan

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