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Insight, default builds, and Red Hat

[Don't take this wrong, please.  I was just startled when this happened, not
especially upset.]

I built gdb in a full checkout of the sources repository today, which I
don't usually do - my working trees just have the bare essentials of gdb,
and none of e.g. gdbtk/tcl.  Forgetting this, I just did a ../src/configure;
make all-gdb.  Not only was gdbtk built, which I find really annoying to
happen in the same target, but the built gdb binary pops up into an X window
by default - and in the Plugins menu is "About Red Hat", which claims that
I've just built the GNUPro Toolkit Insight debugger, (c) 2001 Red Hat

I understand the convenience in keeping the master copies of Insight and GDB
together, and I certainly support that - while I don't have much exposure to
Insight, it looks like a very nice tool, and it's certainly doing good
things for GDB's design too; the convenience helps it develop faster and
closer to GDB.  But is it really appropriate to have such a separate project
both in this repository and built by default?

Daniel Jacobowitz                           Carnegie Mellon University
MontaVista Software                         Debian GNU/Linux Developer

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