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[binutils-gdb/gdb-8.3-branch] Use '$enable_unittest' instead of '$development' on gdbserver/configure.srv (for 'aarch64*-*-linux*' case)

*** TEST RESULTS FOR COMMIT 24329b66c90f1f51c96e718fe6533af3a3b4aa47 ***

Author: Sergio Durigan Junior <>
Branch: gdb-8.3-branch
Commit: 24329b66c90f1f51c96e718fe6533af3a3b4aa47

Use '$enable_unittest' instead of '$development' on gdbserver/configure.srv (for 'aarch64*-*-linux*' case)

On commit 8ecfd7bd4acd69213c06fac6de9af38299123547 ("Add parameter to
allow enabling/disabling selftests via configure") it seems that I
forgot to use the proper '$enable_unittest' variable when checking to
see whether to add selftest-related objects to 'srv_regobj'.  This
causes a build failure on Aarch64 when 'development=false' (which is
the case for the 8.3 branch) and 'enable_unittest=true'.

This patch fixes the problem by using '$enable_unittest' instead of
'$development' when performing the check.  As a reminder, it's
important to notice that '$enable_unittest's default value (i.e., when
the option '--enable-unit-tests' is not passed to configure) is the
same as '$development', so this patch doesn't affect the current

I'd like to install this patch both on master and on the 8.3 branch.


2019-03-04  Sergio Durigan Junior  <>

	* configure.srv: Use '$enable_unittest' instead of '$development'
	when checking whether to fill 'srv_regobj' on 'aarch64*-*-linux*'

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