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[binutils-gdb] target_pass_signals/target_program_signals: Use gdb::array_view

*** TEST RESULTS FOR COMMIT adc6a863a9c6c828425d63b12d553f0e8f21e350 ***

Author: Pedro Alves <>
Branch: master
Commit: adc6a863a9c6c828425d63b12d553f0e8f21e350

target_pass_signals/target_program_signals: Use gdb::array_view

This replaces the pointer and length parameters of target_pass_signals
and target_program_signals with a gdb::array_view parameter, and fixes
the fallout.

In infrun.c, the signal_stop, signal_print, signal_program,
signal_catch, signal_pass globals are currently pointers to
heap-allocated memory.  I see no point in that, so I converted them to
arrays.  This allows simplifying the calls to
target_pass_signals/target_program_signals, since we can pass the
array directly, which can implicitly convert to gdb::array_view.

2019-01-24  Pedro Alves  <>

	* infrun.c (signal_stop, signal_print, signal_program)
	(signal_catch, signal_pass): Now arrays instead of pointers.
	(update_signals_program_target, do_target_resume)
	(signal_catch_update, handle_command, _initialize_infrun): Adjust.
	* linux-nat.c (linux_nat_target::pass_signals)
	(linux_nat_target::create_inferior, linux_nat_target::attach):
	* linux-nat.h (linux_nat_target::pass_signals): Adjust.
	* nto-procfs.c (nto_procfs_target::pass_signals): Adjust.
	* procfs.c (procfs_target::pass_signals): Adjust.
	* record-full.c (record_full_target::resume): Adjust.
	* remote.c (remote_target::pass_signals)
	(remote_target::program_signals): Adjust.
	* target-debug.h (target_debug_print_signals): Now takes a
	gdb::array_view as parameter.  Adjust.
	* target.h (target_ops) <pass_signals, program_signals>: Replace
	pointer and length parameters with gdb::array_view.
	(target_pass_signals, target_program_signals): Likewise.
	* target-delegates.c: Regenerate.

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