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Failures on Ubuntu-Aarch64-native-gdbserver-m64, branch master


Full Build URL:

Commit(s) tested:

Author(s) (in the same order as the commits):
	Tom Tromey <>


Testsuite log (gdb.sum and gdb.log) URL(s):

*** Diff to previous build ***
PASS -> FAIL: gdb.base/break.exp: run until breakpoint set at a line number
PASS -> FAIL: gdb.base/hbreak2.exp: set to-be-silent hardware break bp_location1
PASS -> FAIL: gdb.base/infnan.exp: print a
PASS -> FAIL: gdb.base/multi-forks.exp: did kill 9
PASS -> FAIL: gdb.base/multi-forks.exp: kill 10
PASS -> FAIL: gdb.base/multi-forks.exp: set follow-fork child
PASS -> FAIL: gdb.base/sigstep.exp: displaced=off: continue on breakpoint, to handler: set itimer = itimer_real
PASS -> FAIL: gdb.base/sigstep.exp: displaced=off: step on breakpoint, to handler: set itimer = itimer_real
PASS -> FAIL: gdb.base/sigstep.exp: displaced=on: step on breakpoint, skip handler, with sw-watchpoint: set itimer = itimer_real
PASS -> FAIL: gdb.base/solib-weak.exp: run to breakpoint - lib1 nodebug, lib2 nodebug, lib2 first
PASS -> FAIL: gdb.mi/mi-break.exp: mi-mode=main: breakpoint commands: insert breakpoint at basics.c:callee2
PASS -> FAIL: gdb.mi/mi-dprintf.exp: explicit dprintf at main
PASS -> FAIL: gdb.mi/mi-dprintf.exp: invalid explicit dprintf
PASS -> FAIL: gdb.threads/bp_in_thread.exp: breakpoint on noreturn
new UNRESOLVED: gdb.threads/continue-pending-after-query.exp: iter 7: info breakpoints
new UNRESOLVED: gdb.threads/continue-pending-after-query.exp: iter 9: info breakpoints

*** Complete list of XFAILs for this builder ***

To obtain the list of XFAIL tests for this builder, go to:


You can also see a pretty-printed version of the list, with more information
about each XFAIL, by going to:


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