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[binutils-gdb] gdb/23712: Cleanup/Remove temporary dictionary functions

*** TEST RESULTS FOR COMMIT 63a20375b401e24c30987367a10b47b289612e1c ***

Author: Keith Seitz <>
Branch: master
Commit: 63a20375b401e24c30987367a10b47b289612e1c

gdb/23712: Cleanup/Remove temporary dictionary functions

Now that multidictionary's are being used, there is no longer any need
to retain the four temporary functions introduced in the beginning of
this series.

This patch removes them.

As an additional cleanup, since the single-language dictionaries are
no longer used outside dictionary.c, make all of those functions


	PR gdb/23712
	PR symtab/23010
	* dictionary.c (pending_to_vector): Remove.
	(dict_create_hashed_1, dict_create_linear_1, dict_add_pending_1):
	Remove _1 suffix, replacing functions of the same name.  Update
	all callers.
	(dict_create_hashed, dict_create_hashed_expandable)
	(dict_create_linear, dict_create_linear_expandable, dict_free)
	(dict_add_symbol, dict_add_pending, dict_size, dict_empty):
	Make functions static.

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