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*** COMPILATION FAILED *** Failures on NetBSD-x86_64-m64, branch master *** BREAKAGE ***


Full Build URL:

Commit(s) tested:

Author(s) (in the same order as the commits):
	Nick Clifton <>

	Sync libiberty sources with master version in gcc repository.  Updated stabs demangling and cxxfilt tests to match.

Testsuite log (gdb.sum and gdb.log) URL(s):

*** Failed to compiled GDB.  ***

+++ The full log is too big to be posted here.
+++ These are the last 100 lines of it.

  CXX    target-float.o
  CXX    target-memory.o
  CXX    target.o
  CXX    target/waitstatus.o
  CXX    test-target.o
  CXX    thread-fsm.o
  CXX    thread-iter.o
  CXX    thread.o
  CXX    tid-parse.o
  CXX    top.o
  CXX    tracefile-tfile.o
  CXX    tracefile.o
  CXX    tracepoint.o
  CXX    trad-frame.o
  CXX    tramp-frame.o
  CXX    tui/tui-command.o
  CXX    tui/tui-data.o
  CXX    tui/tui-disasm.o
  CXX    tui/tui-file.o
  CXX    tui/tui-hooks.o
  CXX    tui/tui-interp.o
  CXX    tui/tui-io.o
  CXX    tui/tui-layout.o
  CXX    tui/tui-out.o
  CXX    tui/tui-regs.o
  CXX    tui/tui-source.o
  CXX    tui/tui-stack.o
  CXX    tui/tui-win.o
  CXX    tui/tui-windata.o
  CXX    tui/tui-wingeneral.o
  CXX    tui/tui-winsource.o
  CXX    tui/tui.o
  CXX    typeprint.o
  CXX    ui-file.o
  CXX    ui-out.o
  CXX    ui-style.o
  CXX    unittests/array-view-selftests.o
  CXX    unittests/cli-utils-selftests.o
  CXX    unittests/common-utils-selftests.o
  CXX    unittests/copy_bitwise-selftests.o
  CXX    unittests/environ-selftests.o
  CXX    unittests/format_pieces-selftests.o
  CXX    unittests/function-view-selftests.o
  CXX    unittests/lookup_name_info-selftests.o
  CXX    unittests/memory-map-selftests.o
  CXX    unittests/memrange-selftests.o
  CXX    unittests/mkdir-recursive-selftests.o
  CXX    unittests/observable-selftests.o
  CXX    unittests/offset-type-selftests.o
  CXX    unittests/optional-selftests.o
  CXX    unittests/parse-connection-spec-selftests.o
  CXX    unittests/ptid-selftests.o
  CXX    unittests/rsp-low-selftests.o
  CXX    unittests/scoped_fd-selftests.o
  CXX    unittests/scoped_mmap-selftests.o
  CXX    unittests/scoped_restore-selftests.o
  CXX    unittests/string_view-selftests.o
  CXX    unittests/style-selftests.o
  CXX    unittests/tracepoint-selftests.o
  CXX    unittests/unpack-selftests.o
  CXX    unittests/utils-selftests.o
  CXX    unittests/xml-utils-selftests.o
  CXX    user-regs.o
  CXX    utils.o
  CXX    valarith.o
  CXX    valops.o
  CXX    valprint.o
  CXX    value.o
  CXX    varobj.o
  GEN    stamp-version
  CXX    version.o
  CXX    x86-bsd-nat.o
  CXX    x86-nat.o
  CXX    x86-tdep.o
  GEN    xml-builtin.c
  CXX    xml-builtin.o
  CXX    xml-support.o
  CXX    xml-syscall.o
  CXX    xml-tdesc.o
  GEN    init.c
  CXX    init.o
  CXXLD  gdb
gdbtypes.o: In function `check_stub_method_group(type*, int)':
/home/motusgdb/motus/netbsd-x86_64/build/gdb/../../binutils-gdb/gdb/gdbtypes.c:2763: undefined reference to `cplus_demangle_opname'
/home/motusgdb/motus/netbsd-x86_64/build/gdb/../../binutils-gdb/gdb/gdbtypes.c:2767: undefined reference to `cplus_demangle_opname'
linespec.o: In function `find_methods(type*, language, char const*, std::__debug::vector<char const*, std::allocator<char const*> >*, std::__debug::vector<type*, std::allocator<type*> >*)':
/home/motusgdb/motus/netbsd-x86_64/build/gdb/../../binutils-gdb/gdb/linespec.c:1260: undefined reference to `cplus_demangle_opname'
/home/motusgdb/motus/netbsd-x86_64/build/gdb/../../binutils-gdb/gdb/linespec.c:1262: undefined reference to `cplus_demangle_opname'
stabsread.o: In function `read_member_functions(field_info*, char const**, type*, objfile*)':
/home/motusgdb/motus/netbsd-x86_64/build/gdb/../../binutils-gdb/gdb/stabsread.c:2713: undefined reference to `cplus_demangle_opname'
stabsread.o:/home/motusgdb/motus/netbsd-x86_64/build/gdb/../../binutils-gdb/gdb/stabsread.c:2716: more undefined references to `cplus_demangle_opname' follow
Makefile:1888: recipe for target 'gdb' failed
gmake[2]: Leaving directory '/home/motusgdb/motus/netbsd-x86_64/build/gdb'
Makefile:8791: recipe for target 'all-gdb' failed
gmake[1]: Leaving directory '/home/motusgdb/motus/netbsd-x86_64/build'
gmake[2]: *** [gdb] Error 1
gmake[1]: *** [all-gdb] Error 2
Makefile:848: recipe for target 'all' failed
gmake: *** [all] Error 2

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