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[binutils-gdb/gdb-7.11-branch] Bump GDB version number to 7.10.90.DATE-cvs.

[binutils-gdb/gdb-7.11-branch] Bump version to 7.10.90.DATE-git.

[binutils-gdb/gdb-7.11-branch] gdb/NEWS: Change "since GDB 7.10" -> "in GDB 7.11".

[binutils-gdb/gdb-7.11-branch] Set development mode to "off" by default.

[binutils-gdb/gdb-7.11-branch] Set GDB version number to 7.10.90.

[binutils-gdb] * breakpoint.c (init_breakpoint_sal): Add comment.

[binutils-gdb] * lib/ada.exp (gdb_compile_ada): Fix typo.

[binutils-gdb] [AArch64] Fix missing architecture checks for ARMv8.2 system registers.

[binutils-gdb] [AArch64] Reject invalid immediate operands to MSR UAO

[binutils-gdb] [AArch64] Relax long branch veneer insertion for non STT_FUNC symbol

[binutils-gdb] [ARM/AArch64] Fix -Werror=unused-const-variable warnings in GDBserver

[binutils-gdb] [ARM] Make thumb2_breakpoint static again

[binutils-gdb] [ARM] perror_with_name when failed to fetch/store registers

[binutils-gdb] [ARM] PR ld/19368: Add missing relocation type class for R_ARM_IRELATIVE

[binutils-gdb] [ARM] Remove field syscall_next_pc in struct gdbarch_tdep

[binutils-gdb] [ARM] Support ARMv8.2 RAS extension.

[binutils-gdb] [GDBserver] Block and unblock SIGIO

[binutils-gdb] [GDBserver] Check input interrupt after reading in a packet

[binutils-gdb] [GDBserver] Use regcache_read_pc in install_software_single_step_breakpoints

[binutils-gdb] [PATCH[ARM]Check mapping symbol while backward searching for IT block.

[binutils-gdb] [testsuite] @progbits -> %progbits

[binutils-gdb] [testsuite] Fix tiemout fail in gdb.fortran/vla-value.exp

[binutils-gdb] [testsuite] Remove BASEDIR

[binutils-gdb] [testsuite] Unbuffer the output in gdb.base/multi-forks.c

[binutils-gdb] Adaptation of siginfo fixup for the new bnd fields

[binutils-gdb] Add $_gthread convenience variable

[binutils-gdb] Add a more helpful warning message to explain why some AArch64 relocations can overflow.

[binutils-gdb] Add a new $_inferior convenience variable

[binutils-gdb] Add a pseudosection for the NT_FREEBSD_THRMISC note.

[binutils-gdb] Add bound related fields to the siginfo structure

[binutils-gdb] Add cantunwind when unwind info does not match start of section.

[binutils-gdb] Add Keith Seitz as Linespec Maintainer

[binutils-gdb] Add missing end-of-comment marker to previous delta. (Doh!)

[binutils-gdb] Add myself as the maintainer for the AArch64.

[binutils-gdb] Add PIC and TLS support to the ARC target.

[binutils-gdb] Add Python InferiorThread.global_num attribute

[binutils-gdb] Add Python InferiorThread.inferior attribute

[binutils-gdb] Add rawmemchr to imported gnulib modules

[binutils-gdb] Add support for an ARM specific 'y' section attribute flag to mark the section as NOREAD.

[binutils-gdb] Add support for extracting thread names from cores.

[binutils-gdb] Add support for importing data from ILF images.

[binutils-gdb] Add support for LWP-based threads on FreeBSD.

[binutils-gdb] Add support to readelf for reading FreeBSD ELF core notes.

[binutils-gdb] Align dlang demangle tests with libiberty.

[binutils-gdb] Always organize test artifacts in a directory hierarchy

[binutils-gdb] ARC/BFD: Fix a build error from `index' shadowing a global declaration

[binutils-gdb] bfd/arc: Add R_ prefix to all relocation names

[binutils-gdb] bfd/configure reorganisation

[binutils-gdb] breakpoints/19546: Fix crash after updating breakpoints

[binutils-gdb] btrace: do not return out of TRY/CATCH

[binutils-gdb] Bump version to 7.11.50.DATE-git.

[binutils-gdb] Centralize thread ID printing

[binutils-gdb] Change copyright owner to FSF in sim/testsuite/sim/mips/hilo-hazard-4.s

[binutils-gdb] Change function signature passed to clone

[binutils-gdb] Change SIGINT handler for extension languages only when target terminal is ours

[binutils-gdb] Change the default architecture value for ARC bfds so that they have the lowest possible value, and hence can be merged with other ARC binaries wihtout changing their architecture value.

[binutils-gdb] Check input interrupt first when reading packet

[binutils-gdb] Check reloc against IFUNC symbol only with dynamic symbols

[binutils-gdb] Clear HAS_RELOC if there are no relocations

[binutils-gdb] Convert macros in elf-linux-core.h to inline functions

[binutils-gdb] Copyright update for binutils

[binutils-gdb] Delete opcodes that have been removed from ISA 3.0.

[binutils-gdb] Detect the arm/thumb mode of code SIGRETURN or RT_SIGRETURN returns to

[binutils-gdb] Display per-thread information for threads in FreeBSD cores.

[binutils-gdb] Don't add DT_NEEDED for unmatched symbol

[binutils-gdb] Dump register notes for each thread when generating a FreeBSD core.

[binutils-gdb] elf64-s390.c: Fix -Werror=misleading-indentation

[binutils-gdb] Enable/update legacy linespecs in MI.

[binutils-gdb] epiphany/disassembler: Improve alignment of output.

[binutils-gdb] Fix "PowerPC64 ELFv2 entry code" for big-endian

[binutils-gdb] Fix "thread apply $conv_var" and misc other related problems

[binutils-gdb] Fix /usr/bin/ld: final link failed: File truncated error on hppa.

[binutils-gdb] Fix build breakage

[binutils-gdb] Fix C++ build error by casting void *

[binutils-gdb] Fix compile time errors building ARC target on a 32-bit host.

[binutils-gdb] Fix compile time warnings building the binutils with a gcc6 compiler.

[binutils-gdb] Fix detection of "r_fs" and "r_gs" on FreeBSD.

[binutils-gdb] Fix display of RL78 MOVW instructions that use the stack pointer.

[binutils-gdb] Fix enum flag with Python 3

[binutils-gdb] Fix formatting of pe-mips.c file.

[binutils-gdb] Fix function comments

[binutils-gdb] Fix GDB crash in dprintf.exp

[binutils-gdb] fix gdb version parsing in

[binutils-gdb] Fix gdb.multi/base.exp testsuite regression

[binutils-gdb] Fix gdb.python/py-infthread.exp test message typo

[binutils-gdb] Fix gdbserver build failure on targets without fork

[binutils-gdb] Fix in-tree, parallel running of Ada tests

[binutils-gdb] Fix invalid conversion from void * to gdb_byte *

[binutils-gdb] Fix macro redefinition error on Solaris

[binutils-gdb] Fix memory corruption on Mach-O systems by suppressing a memory tidy up.

[binutils-gdb] Fix missing IPA lib in tspeed.exp in some configurations.

[binutils-gdb] Fix NetBSD build with BSD and GNU make(1).

[binutils-gdb] Fix phony_iconv wide character support.

[binutils-gdb] Fix PR 19461: strange "info thread" behavior in non-stop

[binutils-gdb] Fix PR 19494: hang when killing unfollowed fork children

[binutils-gdb] Fix PR threads/19422 - show which thread caused stop

[binutils-gdb] Fix PR19388: Can't access $_siginfo in breakpoint (catch signal) condition

[binutils-gdb] Fix PR19548: Breakpoint re-set inserts breakpoints when it shouldn't

[binutils-gdb] Fix regression introduced in "break *<EXPR>" by explicit location patches.

[binutils-gdb] Fix some comments in varobj.{c,h}

[binutils-gdb] Fix sorting of enum values in FlagEnumerationPrinter

[binutils-gdb] Fix the encoding of the MSP430's RRUX instruction.

[binutils-gdb] Fix the execution of the MSP430 simulator testsuite.

[binutils-gdb] Fix two misleading indentation warnings

[binutils-gdb] Fix typos in bfd/ChangeLog and bfd/elf64-x86-64.c

[binutils-gdb] Fix undefined compilation behaviour shifting a value into the sign bit of a signed integer.

[binutils-gdb] Fix unexpected failures in the linker testsuite for ARM VxWorks targets.

[binutils-gdb] GDB copyright headers update after running GDB's script.

[binutils-gdb] GDB SIGSEGV opening a Fortran program compiled with ifort

[binutils-gdb] gdb.base/skip.exp: Clean up multiple references to same test name.

[binutils-gdb] gdb: change version stamp to git

[binutils-gdb] gdb: Guard against undefined behaviour in mi-vla-fortran.exp

[binutils-gdb] gdb: New set/show max-value-size command.

[binutils-gdb] gdb: ppc: drop unnecessary sim file check

[binutils-gdb] gdb: Respect CXXFLAGS when building with C++ compiler

[binutils-gdb] gdb: score: drop sim file check

[binutils-gdb] gdb: Small cleanup to disasm.c:maybe_add_dis_line_entry

[binutils-gdb] gdb: split out warnings helpers

[binutils-gdb] gdbserver: fix various warnings

[binutils-gdb] gdbserver: use the new gdb warning helpers

[binutils-gdb] gnu_vector.exp: Respect `should_kfail' for PR 8549

[binutils-gdb] Hurd: Make gdb/reply_mig_hack.awk script compatible to "mawk"

[binutils-gdb] Implement "info threads -gid"

[binutils-gdb] Implement 'catch syscall' for gdbserver

[binutils-gdb] Import changes made to files shared with the FSF GCC project.

[binutils-gdb] Import strchrnul from gnulib and use it

[binutils-gdb] libiberty: dupargv: rewrite to use xstrdup

[binutils-gdb] libiberty: fix warnings about left shifting a negative value.

[binutils-gdb] libiberty: Tweak the documentation of libiberty's xcrc32 function

[binutils-gdb] libiberty: {count, dup, write}argv: constify argv input slightly

[binutils-gdb] Limit breakpoint re-set to the current program space

[binutils-gdb] m68k: fix constraints of move.[bw] for ISA_B/C

[binutils-gdb] MAINTAINERS: Add Andreas Arnez as s390 target maintainer.

[binutils-gdb] MAINTAINERS: Add Thiemo Seufer back, as a past maintainer

[binutils-gdb] Make {arm,thumb}_get_next_pcs_raw static

[binutils-gdb] Merge gdb and gdbserver implementations for siginfo

[binutils-gdb] Minor comment fixes in sim/common/sim-fpu.c.

[binutils-gdb] minor reformatting in printcmd.c::print_scalar_formatted

[binutils-gdb] minor reformatting in sim/common/sim-fpu.c.

[binutils-gdb] MIPS/BFD: Correct register index calculation in BZ16_REG

[binutils-gdb] MIPS/BFD: Simplify register index calculation in BZ16_REG_FIELD

[binutils-gdb] MIPS/include: opcode/mips.h: Add a summary of MIPS16 operand codes

[binutils-gdb] MIPS: Complete `status' to `err' renaming in `mips_breakpoint_from_pc'

[binutils-gdb] MIPS: Fix microMIPS instruction size determination

[binutils-gdb] MIPS: Only build microMIPS specific simulator functions if microMIPS support is required.

[binutils-gdb] MIPS: Remove remnants of 48-bit microMIPS instruction support

[binutils-gdb] Modernize's

[binutils-gdb] Move foreach_with_prefix to lib/gdb.exp

[binutils-gdb] opcodes/cgen: Rework calculation of shift when inserting fields

[binutils-gdb] Per-inferior/Inferior-qualified thread IDs

[binutils-gdb] perf testsuite: python 3 fixes

[binutils-gdb] PowerPC64 ELFv2 entry code

[binutils-gdb] Preparation for new siginfo on Linux

[binutils-gdb] Prevent possible undefined behaviour computing the size of the scache by usingunsigned integers instead of signed integers.

[binutils-gdb] Provide AC_PROG_LEX that copes with LEX=missing from top-level

[binutils-gdb] python/19506 -- gdb.Breakpoint address location regression

[binutils-gdb] Read instruction with byte_order_for_code

[binutils-gdb] Reapply: List inferiors/threads/pspaces in ascending order

[binutils-gdb] Refactor string_to_event_location for legacy linespec support.

[binutils-gdb] Regen configure

[binutils-gdb] remote.c: Cleanup unused variables

[binutils-gdb] Remove argument pc in get_next_pcs

[binutils-gdb] Remove new_thread_notify and dead_thread_notify

[binutils-gdb] Remove trademark acknowledgements throughout

[binutils-gdb] Rename elf-linux-psinfo.h to elf-linux-core.h

[binutils-gdb] Replace some $ARCH_{get, set}_pc with linux_{get, set}_pc_32bit

[binutils-gdb] Replace some $ARCH_{get, set}_pc with linux_{get, set}_pc_64bit

[binutils-gdb] Revert "Add a more helpful warning message to explain why some AArch64 relocations can overflow."

[binutils-gdb] Revert "Fix build breakage"

[binutils-gdb] Reword the string description of native FreeBSD ptids.

[binutils-gdb] Rotate the GDB ChangeLog

[binutils-gdb] rx: Treat scalars larger than 8 bytes as aggregates in rx_push_dummy_call.

[binutils-gdb] Set BFD_DECOMPRESS to decompress debug sections

[binutils-gdb] sim: aarch64: switch to common disassembler tracing

[binutils-gdb] sim: allow the assert configure option everywhere

[binutils-gdb] sim: allow the environment configure option everywhere

[binutils-gdb] sim: allow the inline configure option everywhere

[binutils-gdb] sim: bfin: add support disasm tracing

[binutils-gdb] sim: clean up some more device detritus

[binutils-gdb] sim: config: do not try to align settings

[binutils-gdb] sim: config: drop use of __DATE__/__TIME__

[binutils-gdb] sim: convert to bfd_endian

[binutils-gdb] sim: cris: use standard output helpers

[binutils-gdb] sim: d10v: gut endian logic

[binutils-gdb] sim: delete dead current_state globals

[binutils-gdb] sim: drop --enable-sim-cflags option

[binutils-gdb] sim: drop --enable-sim-{regparm,stdcall} options

[binutils-gdb] sim: drop common/cconfig.h in favor of a single config.h

[binutils-gdb] sim: drop host endian configure option

[binutils-gdb] sim: drop targ-vals.def->nltvals.def indirection

[binutils-gdb] sim: drop unused SIM_AC_OPTION_PACKAGES

[binutils-gdb] sim: iq2000/m32r/lm32/sh64: delete dead option code

[binutils-gdb] sim: mips: drop SIM_AC_OPTION_SMP call

[binutils-gdb] sim: mips: fix prog_bfd usage

[binutils-gdb] sim: mips: workaround 32-bit addr sign extensions

[binutils-gdb] sim: move many common settings from CPPFLAGS to config.h

[binutils-gdb] sim: msp430: drop duplicate sim_load_file call

[binutils-gdb] sim: msp430: switch to common disassembler tracing

[binutils-gdb] sim: nrun: use lbasename

[binutils-gdb] sim: parse_args: display getopt error ourselves

[binutils-gdb] sim: parse_args: polish getopt error message

[binutils-gdb] sim: ppc: do not exit when parsing args w/gdb

[binutils-gdb] sim: punt x86-specific bswap logic

[binutils-gdb] sim: sim_{create_inferior, open, parse_args}: constify argv/env slightly

[binutils-gdb] sim: stop configuring common subdir

[binutils-gdb] sim: TODO: move to wiki

[binutils-gdb] sim: trace: add support for disassembling

[binutils-gdb] sim: use libiberty countargv in more places

[binutils-gdb] Star wildcard ranges (e.g., "info thread 2.*")

[binutils-gdb] Store estimated istrances in compressed_size

[binutils-gdb] Sync libiberty with GCC.

[binutils-gdb] Sync top-level btool.m4 with GCC

[binutils-gdb] Sync top-level Makefile.def with GCC

[binutils-gdb] Test gdb.base/random-signal.exp with "attach"

[binutils-gdb] Test gdb.threads/forking-threads-plus-breakpoint.exp with displaced stepping off

[binutils-gdb] testsuite: Add --status to runtest invocation

[binutils-gdb] testsuite: Factor out --status in DO_RUNTEST

[binutils-gdb] testsuite: Fix false FAILs on too long base directory

[binutils-gdb] testsuite: Fix PR threads/19422 regression + Guile regression

[binutils-gdb] testsuite: gdb.gdb/selftest.exp: Drop expected Thread number

[binutils-gdb] testsuite: i386 regression for funcargs.exp

[binutils-gdb] testsuite: Make check-parallel return non-zero if a test failed

[binutils-gdb] testsuite: Regression for foll-vfork.exp

[binutils-gdb] testsuite: Remove unused global references in gdb_test

[binutils-gdb] ui-out.c: Remove unused enum

[binutils-gdb] update copyright year printed by GDB, GDBserver and gdbreplay.

[binutils-gdb] Update NEWS post GDB 7.11 branch creation.

[binutils-gdb] Use a 32-bit value to hold the section number in the internal COFF symbol structure.

[binutils-gdb] Use a separate variable for the size passed to sysctl.

[binutils-gdb] Use linux_get_siginfo_type_with_fields for x86

[binutils-gdb] Use LWP IDs with ptrace register requests on FreeBSD.

[binutils-gdb] Use string_to_event_location_basic in guile.

[binutils-gdb] varobj: Cleanup dead code

[binutils-gdb] waiting_for_stop_reply around remote_fileio_request

[binutils-gdb] x86 synthetic plt symbols

Failures on AIX-POWER7-plain, branch gdb-7.11-branch

Failures on AIX-POWER7-plain, branch master

Failures on Debian-i686, branch gdb-7.11-branch

Failures on Debian-i686, branch master

Failures on Debian-i686-native-extended-gdbserver, branch gdb-7.11-branch

Failures on Debian-i686-native-extended-gdbserver, branch master

Failures on Debian-i686-native-gdbserver, branch gdb-7.11-branch

Failures on Debian-i686-native-gdbserver, branch master

Failures on Debian-s390x-m64, branch gdb-7.11-branch

Failures on Debian-s390x-m64, branch master

Failures on Debian-s390x-native-extended-gdbserver-m64, branch gdb-7.11-branch

Failures on Debian-s390x-native-extended-gdbserver-m64, branch master

Failures on Debian-s390x-native-gdbserver-m64, branch gdb-7.11-branch

Failures on Debian-s390x-native-gdbserver-m64, branch master

Failures on Debian-x86_64-m64, branch master

Failures on Debian-x86_64-native-extended-gdbserver-m64, branch master

Failures on Debian-x86_64-native-gdbserver-m64, branch master

Failures on Fedora-i686, branch gdb-7.11-branch

Failures on Fedora-i686, branch master

Failures on Fedora-ppc64be-cc-with-index, branch master

Failures on Fedora-ppc64be-m64, branch gdb-7.11-branch

Failures on Fedora-ppc64be-m64, branch master

Failures on Fedora-ppc64be-native-extended-gdbserver-m64, branch gdb-7.11-branch

Failures on Fedora-ppc64be-native-extended-gdbserver-m64, branch master

Failures on Fedora-ppc64be-native-gdbserver-m64, branch gdb-7.11-branch

Failures on Fedora-ppc64be-native-gdbserver-m64, branch master

Failures on Fedora-ppc64le-cc-with-index, branch master

Failures on Fedora-ppc64le-m64, branch master

Failures on Fedora-ppc64le-native-extended-gdbserver-m64, branch master

Failures on Fedora-ppc64le-native-gdbserver-m64, branch master

Failures on Fedora-s390x-m64, branch gdb-7.11-branch

Failures on Fedora-s390x-m64, branch master

Failures on Fedora-x86_64-cc-with-index, branch master

Failures on Fedora-x86_64-cxx-build-m64, branch master

Failures on Fedora-x86_64-m32, branch gdb-7.11-branch

Failures on Fedora-x86_64-m32, branch master

Failures on Fedora-x86_64-m64, branch gdb-7.11-branch

Failures on Fedora-x86_64-m64, branch master

Failures on Fedora-x86_64-native-extended-gdbserver-m32, branch gdb-7.11-branch

Failures on Fedora-x86_64-native-extended-gdbserver-m32, branch master

Failures on Fedora-x86_64-native-extended-gdbserver-m64, branch gdb-7.11-branch

Failures on Fedora-x86_64-native-extended-gdbserver-m64, branch master

Failures on Fedora-x86_64-native-gdbserver-m32, branch gdb-7.11-branch

Failures on Fedora-x86_64-native-gdbserver-m32, branch master

Failures on Fedora-x86_64-native-gdbserver-m64, branch gdb-7.11-branch

Failures on Fedora-x86_64-native-gdbserver-m64, branch master

Failures on RHEL-s390x-m64, branch gdb-7.11-branch

Failures on RHEL-s390x-m64, branch master

GNU gdb (GDB) s390x-ibm-linux-gnu GIT commit: 6f2750feaf2827ef8a1a0a5b2f90c1e9a6cabbd1

GNU gdb (GDB) s390x-ibm-linux-gnu GIT commit: 61971b86bb897dc333fccffb7518056c83b99f45

GNU gdb (GDB) s390x-ibm-linux-gnu GIT commit: fa89c1268f5d4e9950f3faf8c027dbbeb6aac773

GNU gdb (GDB) s390x-ibm-linux-gnu GIT commit: b05a65d0adb340e4129f62c1d380a09935ee433d

GNU gdb (GDB) s390x-ibm-linux-gnu GIT commit: b900245c3b92fc460a3f7fa17d14eb08f9ab4c76

GNU gdb (GDB) s390x-ibm-linux-gnu GIT commit: 2f99e8fc9cb84ca80cfca6c119f1f22bbfd2a314

GNU gdb (GDB) s390x-ibm-linux-gnu GIT commit: 5295724cdc94a09713b021728b02163dad128e9e

GNU gdb (GDB) s390x-ibm-linux-gnu GIT commit: 99d8e879938c947588332a9cc579d378ccc2a855

GNU gdb (GDB) s390x-ibm-linux-gnu GIT commit: 27b9952f2d68f2541191fed4589d5379d10c1271

GNU gdb (GDB) s390x-ibm-linux-gnu GIT commit: 4d82fe66e8d38b20ad429cb99a99ed8741336d72

GNU gdb (GDB) s390x-ibm-linux-gnu GIT commit: 9c03a84f6cc54af01d4fe655f6e0a0aa13d8ef74

GNU gdb (GDB) s390x-ibm-linux-gnu GIT commit: 9a472eda40ba686e45bf4922455518ffa3c887e1

GNU gdb (GDB) s390x-ibm-linux-gnu GIT commit: 5a173c098a2ba6389251d9dd4f83e7dba29585e0

GNU gdb (GDB) s390x-ibm-linux-gnu GIT commit: be56871ee8f65c51b9eee611532ed036a71a72e0

GNU gdb (GDB) s390x-ibm-linux-gnu GIT commit: 7304afd662c3dfe0a97dd57928e018b2923bba26

GNU gdb (GDB) s390x-ibm-linux-gnu GIT commit: dfc43940242f10b54eb5afd2125d91f849df0b2e

GNU gdb (GDB) s390x-ibm-linux-gnu GIT commit: 0e324a03c5bf289727d045b8b001c561276f9acc

GNU gdb (GDB) s390x-ibm-linux-gnu GIT commit: eb6b0cf45d7588eb147d90ce790254309a69613e

GNU gdb (GDB) s390x-ibm-linux-gnu GIT commit: d1982f935ef015f15f86d0aa5c64b6a4750b25ed

GNU gdb (GDB) s390x-ibm-linux-gnu GIT commit: e8f794f4c6f1cde9c97bf4d831f1df422b32898d

GNU gdb (GDB) s390x-ibm-linux-gnu GIT commit: 8926d5a6247e48543772cd42790d474b4f8c8865

GNU gdb (GDB) s390x-ibm-linux-gnu GIT commit: d64450d73aedfbd3521872e1ff7ec4f16ef0aae1

GNU gdb (GDB) s390x-ibm-linux-gnu GIT commit: 79915ff99e6c1df498d2ce89ac00a26bcaeeb190

GNU gdb (GDB) s390x-ibm-linux-gnu GIT commit: d9e3b590692e62d83c21e39ec6641c4c09e70e4c

GNU gdb (GDB) s390x-ibm-linux-gnu GIT commit: ccb6afd6e3e3f178a35f62e6f3745da5b399d3cd

Missing packages on GDB Buildbot hosts

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