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[binutils-gdb/gdb-7.10-branch] Bump GDB version number to 7.9.90.DATE-cvs.

[binutils-gdb/gdb-7.10-branch] Bump version to 7.9.90.DATE-cvs.

[binutils-gdb/gdb-7.10-branch] Set development mode to "off" by default.

[binutils-gdb/gdb-7.10-branch] Set GDB version number to 7.9.90.

[binutils-gdb] [arm] Fix regression by Do not skip prologue for asm (.S) files

[binutils-gdb] Add experimental support for --gc-sections with COFF and PE based targets.

[binutils-gdb] Add Nios II arch flags and compatibility tests

[binutils-gdb] Add support for backtracing through Renesas RX exception frames.

[binutils-gdb] btrace, linux: use data_size and data_offset

[binutils-gdb] btrace: maintenance commands

[binutils-gdb] btrace: store raw btrace data

[binutils-gdb] btrace: support Intel(R) Processor Trace

[binutils-gdb] Bump version to 7.10.50.DATE-cvs.

[binutils-gdb] Cleanup value_fetch_lazy's comment and return value

[binutils-gdb] configure: check for libipt

[binutils-gdb] debug compile: Replace confusing debug message

[binutils-gdb] Don't throw an error in "show mpx bound" implementation

[binutils-gdb] Fix an opd->append index in elf64-ppc.c

[binutils-gdb] Fix problems with finishing a dummy function call on simulators.

[binutils-gdb] Fix snafu with latest addition to the ARM sim.

[binutils-gdb] Fix typo in aarch64_linux_insert_hw_breakpoint

[binutils-gdb] gdb/doc: Fix incorrect use of @xref.

[binutils-gdb] gdb/tui: Don't cast between window types.

[binutils-gdb] gdb: Rewrite documentation for layout and focus commands.

[binutils-gdb] gdb: tui_win_name: Make parameter and result const.

[binutils-gdb] Opcodes and assembler support for Nios II R2

[binutils-gdb] Refactor elf_x86_64_convert_mov_to_lea

[binutils-gdb] Relocations for Nios II R2

[binutils-gdb] Remove ppc860, ppc750cl, ppc7450 insns from common ppc.

[binutils-gdb] rl78: Create a flags type for the psw register.

[binutils-gdb] rx: Create and use flags types for psw, bpsw, and fpsw registers.

[binutils-gdb] search_struct_field: remove OFFSET parameter

[binutils-gdb] TUI: Make sure to update registers if frame information has changed

[binutils-gdb] Update NEWS post GDB 7.10 branch creation.

Failures on AIX-POWER7-plain, branch gdb-7.10-branch

Failures on AIX-POWER7-plain, branch master

Failures on Debian-i686, branch gdb-7.10-branch

Failures on Debian-i686, branch master

Failures on Debian-i686-native-extended-gdbserver, branch gdb-7.10-branch

Failures on Debian-i686-native-extended-gdbserver, branch master

Failures on Debian-i686-native-gdbserver, branch gdb-7.10-branch

Failures on Debian-i686-native-gdbserver, branch master

Failures on Debian-s390x-m64, branch master

Failures on Debian-s390x-native-extended-gdbserver-m64, branch gdb-7.10-branch

Failures on Debian-s390x-native-extended-gdbserver-m64, branch master

Failures on Debian-s390x-native-gdbserver-m64, branch master

Failures on Debian-x86_64-m64, branch master

Failures on Debian-x86_64-native-extended-gdbserver-m64, branch gdb-7.10-branch

Failures on Debian-x86_64-native-extended-gdbserver-m64, branch master

Failures on Debian-x86_64-native-gdbserver-m64, branch master

Failures on Fedora-i686, branch gdb-7.10-branch

Failures on Fedora-i686, branch master

Failures on Fedora-ppc64be-cc-with-index, branch gdb-7.10-branch

Failures on Fedora-ppc64be-cc-with-index, branch master

Failures on Fedora-ppc64be-m64, branch gdb-7.10-branch

Failures on Fedora-ppc64be-m64, branch master

Failures on Fedora-ppc64be-native-extended-gdbserver-m64, branch gdb-7.10-branch

Failures on Fedora-ppc64be-native-extended-gdbserver-m64, branch master

Failures on Fedora-ppc64be-native-gdbserver-m64, branch gdb-7.10-branch

Failures on Fedora-ppc64be-native-gdbserver-m64, branch master

Failures on Fedora-ppc64le-cc-with-index, branch master

Failures on Fedora-ppc64le-m64, branch gdb-7.10-branch

Failures on Fedora-ppc64le-m64, branch master

Failures on Fedora-ppc64le-native-extended-gdbserver-m64, branch gdb-7.10-branch

Failures on Fedora-ppc64le-native-extended-gdbserver-m64, branch master

Failures on Fedora-ppc64le-native-gdbserver-m64, branch gdb-7.10-branch

Failures on Fedora-ppc64le-native-gdbserver-m64, branch master

Failures on Fedora-s390x-m64, branch gdb-7.10-branch

Failures on Fedora-s390x-m64, branch master

Failures on Fedora-x86_64-cc-with-index, branch master

Failures on Fedora-x86_64-m32, branch master

Failures on Fedora-x86_64-m64, branch gdb-7.10-branch

Failures on Fedora-x86_64-m64, branch master

Failures on Fedora-x86_64-native-extended-gdbserver-m32, branch gdb-7.10-branch

Failures on Fedora-x86_64-native-extended-gdbserver-m32, branch master

Failures on Fedora-x86_64-native-extended-gdbserver-m64, branch gdb-7.10-branch

Failures on Fedora-x86_64-native-extended-gdbserver-m64, branch master

Failures on Fedora-x86_64-native-gdbserver-m32, branch gdb-7.10-branch

Failures on Fedora-x86_64-native-gdbserver-m32, branch master

Failures on Fedora-x86_64-native-gdbserver-m64, branch gdb-7.10-branch

Failures on Fedora-x86_64-native-gdbserver-m64, branch master

GNU gdb (GDB) s390x-ibm-linux-gnu GIT commit:

GNU gdb (GDB) s390x-ibm-linux-gnu GIT commit:

GNU gdb (GDB) s390x-ibm-linux-gnu GIT commit:

GNU gdb (GDB) s390x-ibm-linux-gnu GIT commit:

GNU gdb (GDB) s390x-ibm-linux-gnu GIT commit:

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