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[Bug backtrace/19293] enabling or disabling an unwinder doesn't affect "bt"

[Bug breakpoints/16880] GDB does not step into template functions OS X Mavericks

[Bug breakpoints/20322] gdb misses breakpoints after call to clone()

[Bug breakpoints/20322] New: gdb misses breakpoints after call to clone()

[Bug breakpoints/20345] call_function_by_hand_dummy: Assertion `tp->thread_fsm == &sm->thread_fsm' failed

[Bug breakpoints/20345] New: call_function_by_hand_dummy: Assertion `tp->thread_fsm == &sm->thread_fsm' failed

[Bug build/20361] New: add -Wmisleading-indentation

[Bug build/20371] add -Wunused-but-set-parameter and -Wunused-but-set-variable

[Bug build/20371] New: add -Wunused-but-set-parameter and -Wunused-but-set-variable

[Bug c++/20399] New: test case fails to compile

[Bug c++/20400] New: m-static test fails to compile

[Bug cli/17539] inferiors print in reverse order

[Bug cli/18053] jit-reader-load should use filename completion

[Bug exp/16479] @entry is needlessly cruel

[Bug fortran/15326] Problem inspecting recursive Derived Data Type

[Bug fortran/18475] "p y(nv1:lrow)" hits cp-namespace.c:341: internal-error: cp_search_static_and_baseclasses: Assertion `name[prefix_len + 1] == ':'' failed

[Bug fortran/8415] GDB has problem with internal subroutines (variable visibility)

[Bug gdb/13669] Infinite recursion in cp_print_value_fields

[Bug gdb/17210] read_memory_robust can leak memory

[Bug gdb/18717] gdb misbehaves if non-leader thread exits process

[Bug gdb/18947] [aarch64]Step into shared library is very slow.

[Bug gdb/19194] Typo "functiop" in gdb manpage

[Bug gdb/19797] Unsupported powerpc bfd arch/machine variants

[Bug gdb/19947] read_code should throw right exception

[Bug gdb/20287] X32 and "gdb_static_assert (sizeof (nat_siginfo_t) == sizeof (siginfo_t))"

[Bug gdb/20368] New: gdb embedded in NXP LPCXpresso Eclipse based IDE

[Bug gdb/20373] dump mem <file> 0x400400 -1: Virtual Memory Exhausted (utils.c:1072)

[Bug gdb/20373] New: dump mem <file> 0x400400 -1: Virtual Memory Exhausted (utils.c:1072)

[Bug gdb/20390] New: prefix_len + 1

[Bug gdb/20390] prefix_len + 1

[Bug gdb/20397] New: Singlestepping continues way beyond where it should.

[Bug mi/20034] "set editing on" with MI as top-level interpreter -> gdb aborts

[Bug mi/20385] New: Executing "info frame" with non-existing frame number crashes gdb

[Bug mi/20395] New: -var-update gives incorrect register values for frames 1 and above

[Bug python/15620] no "new breakpoint" event

[Bug python/16483] "info frame-filter" too verbose with many objfiles

[Bug python/17234] unused variables in py-framefilter.c

[Bug python/17386] gdb.Value should have __index__ method

[Bug python/17698] There is no access to "pending" state of gdb.Breakpoint

[Bug python/17981] gdb.breakpoints() returns None if there are no breakpoints; should return empty sequence

[Bug python/18393] GDB 7.9 segfaults on: python dir(gdb.current_progspace())

[Bug python/18620] No "breakpoint modified" event

[Bug python/18984] gdb.solib_name doesn't convert to address properly

[Bug python/19438] dir(objfile) leads to a segmentation fault

[Bug python/19819] useless code in py-xmethod.c

[Bug python/20129] error from disable frame-filter

[Bug remote/19998] interrupt test failing due to SIGINT failing to interrupt

[Bug remote/20396] async_remote_interrupt_twice firing too quickly

[Bug remote/20396] New: async_remote_interrupt_twice firing too quickly

[Bug remote/20398] New: File-IO write always outputs QUIT.

[Bug rust/20110] wrong type for integer constant

[Bug rust/20162] fix regressions in rust "1.11" (nightly)

[Bug rust/20367] add further Rust demangling

[Bug rust/20367] New: add further Rust demangling

[Bug server/19736] GDBserver gets internal error when the thread which is stepping over breakpoint fork/vfork/clone new thread

[Bug server/20392] New: gdb "run" command hangs

[Bug sim/18273] sim: various cppcheck warnings

[Bug symtab/17236] bug in dwarf2_add_member_fn

[Bug tdep/17233] possible bug in amd64-tdep.c:fixup_riprel

[Bug tdep/18107] syscall catchpoint isn't supported on aarch64-linux

[Bug tdep/19051] incorrect/missing AAPCS vector support on ARM

[Bug tdep/20362] New: bug in arm-tdep.c

[Bug testsuite/18139] gdb.linespec/break-asm-file.exp needs some tweak for non-x86 target

[Bug testsuite/20325] New: gdb.gdb/ fail for C++ -O2 built GDB

[Bug testsuite/20328] New: ppc64: gdb_target_symbol does not support function descriptors

[Bug testsuite/20328] ppc64: gdb_target_symbol does not support function descriptors

[Bug tui/18932] list command doesn't work in TUI any more

[Bug win32/14529] Make gdb capable of JIT-debugging on W32

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