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Re: [PATCH] PR gdb/21070: Build fix for MIPS with musl libc

On Mon, 23 Jan 2017, Simon Marchi wrote:

> > This issue has been reported in crosstool-ng; the patch is from
> > OpenEmbedded. Quoting the description from the patch:
> > 
> > [[[[
> > The MIPS specific header <sgidefs.h> is provided by glibc and uclibc
> > but not by musl. Regardless of the libc, the kernel headers provide
> > <asm/sgidefs.h> which provides the same definitions, so use that
> > instead.
> > ]]]]

 It's a bug in musl then, the header is a part of the MIPS/Linux user API.  
OTOH <asm/sgidefs.h> is an internal kernel header and shouldn't really be 
used by user software.

> I wonder what is the history about why the glibc version undoes everything the
> kernel version defines.  Today they seem very similar.

 See: <> and
the thread that follows for a lengthy discussion.

>  However, tthere are
> some defines in the glibc on that are not in the kernel one.  In particular,
> _ABIO32 is not defined by the kernel but is used by GDB:
> mips-linux-nat.c
> 456:  if (_MIPS_SIM == _ABIO32)
> Does it cause a problem?

 Both _MIPS_SIM and _ABIO32 (if relevant) are defined by GCC, though the 
API is awkward.


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