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[PATCH] Change arglist-intro default indentation in GDB .dir-locals.el

This changes the first line in an argument list indentation so that it is
indented one level rather than being aligned with the opening parens.

Before you would have:

function (
	  int a);

Now you will get:

function (
  int a);

This is done to accomodate situations where the line is very long and that
writing arguments aligned with the parens can't be done in 80 chars, like in

get_get_tsv_func_addr (void)
  CORE_ADDR res;
  if (read_inferior_data_pointer (
	ipa_sym_addrs.addr_get_trace_state_variable_value_ptr, &res))
      error ("error extracting get_trace_state_variable_value_ptr");
      return 0;
  return res;

There's multiple places were formatting like that is used already.  I
think we can make this a global policy.

Note that this does not affect the other arguments so writing a multiple
argument function call like:

void function (int a,
	       int b,
	       int c)

keeps the parens alignment.

Unless you start with an empty line which gives:

void function (
  int a,
  int b,
  int c)

	* .dir-locals.el: Add arg-list-intro indentation.
	* gdb-code-style.el (safe-local-variables-values): Add
	arg-list-intro +.
 gdb/.dir-locals.el    | 1 +
 gdb/gdb-code-style.el | 5 ++++-
 2 files changed, 5 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/gdb/.dir-locals.el b/gdb/.dir-locals.el
index a2aa196..8e0503a 100644
--- a/gdb/.dir-locals.el
+++ b/gdb/.dir-locals.el
@@ -25,5 +25,6 @@
 	    (tab-width . 8)
 	    (c-basic-offset . 2)
 	    (eval . (c-set-offset 'innamespace 0))
+	    (eval . (c-set-offset 'arglist-intro '+))
diff --git a/gdb/gdb-code-style.el b/gdb/gdb-code-style.el
index 8cdec77..bd1c8d3 100644
--- a/gdb/gdb-code-style.el
+++ b/gdb/gdb-code-style.el
@@ -78,5 +78,8 @@
 (setq safe-local-variable-values
       (cons safe-local-variable-values
 	    '((eval c-set-offset 'innamespace 0)
-	      (c-offsets-alist (innamespace . 0)))))
+	      (c-offsets-alist (innamespace . 0))
+	      (eval c-set-offset 'arglist-intro '+)
+	      (c-offsets-alist (arglist-intro . '+))
+	      )))
 ;;; gdb-code-style.el ends here

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