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Re: [RFA] candidates for ambiguous command in upper case

On 01/10/2017 03:28 PM, Simon Marchi wrote:
> On 2017-01-10 10:19, Jerome Guitton wrote:
>> Yao Qi (
>>> IMO, there is nothing wrong.  There is no command starts from "EX".
>> This is a bit weird to accept upper-case EXEC-FIL then... isn't it?
>> (gdb) exec-fil
>> No executable file now.
>> (gdb) EXEC-FIL
>> No executable file now.
> I agree that if GDB accepts commands in upper case, the ambiguous
> command message should work accordingly.

Agreed.  I thought that the manual mentioned that gdb accepts
commands in either case, but I can't find it now.

> The message as it is, with an empty list, doesn't make sense.
> I also noticed that tab completion was case sensitive, should that be
> fixed as well?
> For example,
>   (gdb) inf<tab><tab>
> shows "inferior  info", but
>   (gdb) INF<tab><tab>
> shows nothing.  Should it show "inferior  info", or "INFERIOR INFO"?

I think the former.  I.e., show the canonical lowercase.  That
is likely to end up much easier and saner to implement.

I've been playing with completion recently [1], and I've noticed

 (gdb) handle sigu<tab>

completes to:

 (gdb) handle SIGU<bell>

 (gdb) handle sig<tab>

Or really:

 (gdb) handle sigu M-?

In my branch I've completely changed how GDB hands over
completion matches to readline, and I've had to make
sure to preserve that behavior, as caught by some test.

[1] - this WIP branch gets rid of the need to quote
      linespecs as in "b 'function(int<tab>" among other things:

Pedro Alves

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