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Re: [PATCH] Update help of the "frame" command

On 01/10/2017 11:00 AM, Yao Qi wrote:
> On 17-01-09 13:13:42, Simon Marchi wrote:

>> Side-question, is there a git repo somewhere with all these old gdb
>> versions, those that predate what's in the current git tree?  It
>> would be useful to have a repo with one commit per version.  Here I
>> had to download many tarballs and bisect manually, but if they had
>> been in a repo it would have been trivial.  If it doesn't exist yet,
>> I think I'll do it.
>> [1]
> They were imported into the git repository.  The change you found
> above is in b00771232fab861fb31e42dfd5f6643ba1b43cc9

Yes, they were imported from here:

The git history around the initial CVS import is quite
annoying, since there were a series of commits that added
the whole of gdb, then removed it, then re-added it, etc.
I think there are ways in git nowadays to tell (local) git to
see through a range of commits, so effectively
"virtually squash" those deletions as if they never existed,
but I never investigated exactly how to do it.  If someone pulls
that off, I think it'd be great.

Pedro Alves

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