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Re: [PATCH] Update help of the "frame" command

On 17-01-09 13:13:42, Simon Marchi wrote:
> Indeed, it's the commit "Initial creation of sourceware repository".
> I checked out that commit and looked at the code, but couldn't find
> anything that would suggest that the output of the frame command
> would not be printed when it's executing in a script or user
> command.
> I went earlier using the old tarballs on the website [1], and found
> that in old gdb's, there was code like this:
>  965   if (!from_tty)
>  966     return;
>  967
>  968   print_stack_frame (selected_frame, selected_frame_level, 1);
> The (!from_tty) check disappeared in gdb 4.3.  I think it's this change:
>  873 Thu Oct 24 09:33:44 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at
>  874
>  875         * stack.c (frame_command):  Always print.  Use new
>  876         frame_select_command to select a frame without printing.
> after that, the frame_command function becomes simply:
>  974 static void
>  975 frame_command (level_exp, from_tty)
>  976      char *level_exp;
>  977      int from_tty;
>  978 {
>  979   select_frame_command (level_exp, from_tty);
>  980   print_stack_frame (selected_frame, selected_frame_level, 1);
>  981 }
> So I think it's safe.

Thanks for digging it up.  Patch is OK.

> Side-question, is there a git repo somewhere with all these old gdb
> versions, those that predate what's in the current git tree?  It
> would be useful to have a repo with one commit per version.  Here I
> had to download many tarballs and bisect manually, but if they had
> been in a repo it would have been trivial.  If it doesn't exist yet,
> I think I'll do it.
> [1]

They were imported into the git repository.  The change you found
above is in b00771232fab861fb31e42dfd5f6643ba1b43cc9

Yao (齐尧)

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