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Re: [PATCH] Bug 20936 - provide sparc and sparcv9 target description XML files

On 17-01-06 16:12:09, Ivo Raisr wrote:
> I think I see the line now as well. Please find patch #1 together
> with a ChangeLog entry.
> The patch was successfully built and tested on Solaris sparc.
> After you find it ok, I will prepare patch #2.
> I.

> ChangeLog entry:
> 2017-01-06  Ivo Raisr  <>
> 	Split real and pseudo registers in preparation for registers provided
> 	by a target. Registers provided by target description can have more real
> 	registers and pseudo registers need to be positioned after them.

We don't document "changes" in this way.  If you think it is important
to mention them, put them in the commit log.

> @@ -57,6 +63,12 @@ struct gdbarch_tdep
>    int pc_regnum;
>    int npc_regnum;
> +  /* Register names specific for architecture (sparc32 vs. sparc64) */
> +  const char **fpu_register_names;
> +  size_t fpu_registers_num;
> +  const char **cp0_register_names;
> +  size_t cp0_registers_num;
> +

These four fields are added, but not used at all, so could you move
them to patch #2?

Yao (齐尧)

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