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Re: [PATCH V4 5/9] New probe type: DTrace USDT probes.

Hi Jose,

> I just tried the following in a x86-solaris machine, using todays git
> GDB:
> In this system DTrace generates little-endian DOF data, and it looks
> like GDB handles it just fine.  I still think the problem you observed
> is related to endianness, but I cannot be sure without looking at the
> contents of the DOF program embedded in your binaries...

Sorry, I was going to send you an email this morning, and then got
carried away by other duties... :-(

I've been able to reproduce the problem, but when I checked again
with a non-AdaCore debugger, the problem went away. I'm not really
sure whether this indicates whether this is an issue caused by
some of our local changes, or whether this is just a latent bug
that gets triggered by those local changes. Either way, it felt like
I would have no choice but to get more familiar with how those probes
work. The problem is that I'm short on time again. But, if you have
any kind of document describing how this data is laid out in the
binary, I'm very interested.

Sorry I waited so long before getting back to you!


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