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Re: [PATCH V4 5/9] New probe type: DTrace USDT probes.

    > Could you please send me your sparc-solaris reproducer?
    Thanks for the offer to help! Sadly, the SEGV doesn't seem to
    happen on sparc-solaris, it seems. Once I apply the patch above,
    I pretty much get normal results back (yay!).
    So, the problem appears to be specific to x86-solaris. I didn't know
    the DOF program was embedded in the executable, but I suspect there is
    a problem in its contents. How do you think we should proceed?
Hmm, this may be an endianness problem:

/* DOF supports two different encodings: MSB (big-endian) and LSB
   (little-endian).  The encoding is itself encoded in the DOF header.
   The following function returns an unsigned value in the host
   endianness.  */

#define DOF_UINT(dof, field)						\
  extract_unsigned_integer ((gdb_byte *) &(field),			\
			    sizeof ((field)),				\
			    (((dof)->dofh_ident[DTRACE_DOF_ID_ENCODING] \
			      == DTRACE_DOF_ENCODE_MSB)			\

We know for a fact that the implementation works properly on a
little-endian host (x86) and little-endian DOF data (generated by either
pdtrace or dtrace).

I would need to look at the x86-solaris binaries you are using.  Maybe
dtrace on that platform is generating big-endian DOF data in the
little-endian platform and the implementation is not handling that

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