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Re: [RFC 0/4] Fix recent sim/*/ fallout: frv, m32r, sh64, iq2000

On 23 Aug 2014 05:13, Hans-Peter Nilsson wrote:
> From: Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
> > Recently, a change requiring -ldl due to bfd plugin default changing
> > from off to on, spread throughout the generated configury files, for
> > simulators as well as gdb.  In that process, sim/*/ for the
> > sims below was regenerated for the first time since 2012.  This had
> > build-breaking fallouts for some simulator showing bloopers in changes
> > from around 2013-03-23, attempts enabling sim-hardware and
> > dv-sockser.o.  Here's my take on fixing that: let's return to the
> > state before those attempts.  This is a request-for-comments, I'll
> > commit this in a few days unless someone has a better idea, one that
> > lets these simulators build *without* --{enable,disable} options and
> > where committing this would still not be an incremental improvement.
> Now committed.  I'll stop here, noting that possible further cleanups
> would be to fix the buggy SIM_AC_OPTION_HARDWARE and decouple the
> prerequisites for dv-sockser.o from the act of actually enabling it
> (e.g. the now combined effect of HAVE_DV_SOCKSER).  Please also, if
> you consider "re-enabling" simulated hardware for these sims, first
> investigate whether all the wires and plumbing is in place for it to
> actually make a difference in function for the particular sim.  Also,
> test-cases for the enabled simulated hardware would be helpful, even a
> simple "hello, world" to a simulated serial port.

i've finished landing a series of changes into master that can be summarized:
 - clean up dv-sockser code to centralize its enabled/disabled logic
 - let the common code handle building of dv-sockser all the time (sans mingw)
 - fix bugs around SIM_AC_OPTION_HARDWARE default enable
 - delete the broken uart code from frv devices

that leads me back to this patch series.  there's no longer a need to disable
hw in these sims by default, so i've somewhat reverted these changes by setting 
the default to "yes" for them.

testcases would certainly be nice, but i have no idea how to write ones for 
these ports.  i'll be pestering people in the future when they make updates to 
specific arches, and i'll be rejecting new sims that lack any tests.

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