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Re: [PATCH 3/4] GDBServer: introduce --server-stderr command line option

> Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2015 15:48:29 -0300
> From: Cleber Rosa <>
> CC:,
> >> +@item --server-stderr
> >> +Instruct @code{gdbserver} to redirect its own @code{stderr} to another
> >> +file.
> > The option requires an argument, so the argument should be mentioned
> > with the option and referenced in the text that describes it.
> Sure, I also feel an example could help. How do you feel about this:
> @cindex @option{--server-output}, @code{gdbserver} option
> The @option{--server-output=path} option tells @code{gdbserver} to send

@option{--server-output=@var{path}} (and once again, please use
"file" or "filename", not "path").

Also, what happened to the @item?

> all its output to a file given by @var{path}. This can be useful, for 
Two spaces between sentences.

> @smallexample
> $ gdbserver --server-output=server.log :2222 testprog >test.out 2>test.err
> @end smallexample

This line is too long; either try to make it shorter, e.g., by using
shorter file/program names, or break it into 2 lines.

Otherwise, this is fine, thanks.
> > AFAIK, GNU Coding Standards frown on using "path" for anything that is
> > not PATH-style list of directories.  So please use "file" or "file
> > name" here.
> I could not find a mention on the GNU Coding Standards manual itself, 

It's in the node "GNU Manuals":

     Please do not use the term "pathname" that is used in Unix
  documentation; use "file name" (two words) instead.  We use the term
  "path" only for search paths, which are lists of directory names.

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