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Re: [PATCH] Add IPv6 support for remote TCP connections

On 03/23/2015 07:03 PM, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> On Mar 22 17:39, Jan Kratochvil wrote:
>> On Sun, 09 Feb 2014 18:08:21 +0100, Paul Fertser wrote:
>>> But gnulib docs say "This function is missing on some platforms: HP-UX
>>> 11.11, IRIX 6.5, OSF/1 5.1, Solaris 7, Cygwin 1.5.x, mingw, MSVC 9,
>>> Interix 3.5, BeOS", is it really ok this way?
>> +
>> On Mon, 10 Feb 2014 18:45:15 +0100, Eli Zaretskii wrote:
>>> Cygwin 1.5, MSVC, and Interix aren't supported, AFAIK, and MinGW is
>>> not relevant.
>> +
>> On Sun, 09 Feb 2014 17:47:48 +0100, Jan Kratochvil wrote:
>>> The patch with <ws2tcpip.h> really builds OK on Fedora mingw64.
>> HP-UX 11.11: Removed by Jan: 61a12cfa7b25746914493cc0d94e5053a8492aa5
>> IRIX 6.5: Removed by Pedro: 3831839c089cf3b65ad6b2efbc608e5a24a40379
>> OSF/1 5.1: Removed by Pedro: 32a8097ba5dd6ddb71c0fb2fccbac262c371846a
>> Solaris 7: ???
>> Cygwin 1.5.x: Unsupported by GDB according to Eli.
> Cygwin 1.5.x is entirely unsupported these days, it's an old, cold,
> stinking fish.
> Cygwin 1.7 supported getaddrinfo from the start.

I've updated with this info,
and removed HP-UX from the list too.

I'm under the impression that we had already dropped support
for Solaris 7 a long time ago.  Or maybe it was just that Joel
announced that he could no longer test it, or something like that.

At least GCC dropped support for older Solaris too. says:

 "Support for Solaris 9 has been removed in GCC 4.10. Support for Solaris 8 has been
 removed in GCC 4.8. Support for Solaris 7 has been removed in GCC 4.6."

Pedro Alves

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