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[PATCH 0/9] New default sysroot "target:"

Hi all,

This series introduces a new "target:" prefix to "set sysroot".  Files
specified with a "target:" prefix will be loaded via the target: from
the remote if the target is remote, and from the local file system
otherwise.  This new prefix replaces the "remote:" prefix, and the
final patch in the series makes it the default.

The way the "target:" prefix is implemented differs somewhat from the
way the "remote:" prefix was implemented:

 - It's hooked in at a lower level.  The remote stuff looked to have
   been added piecemeal: various BFD-opening functions did checks on
   their filenames and diverted to remote_bfd_open.  There was also
   gdb_bfd_open_maybe_remote, which handled both local and remote
   cases.  The "target:" prefix is baked into gdb_bfd_open, so all
   functions that open BFDs gain support.

 - Various functions locally strip the "target:" prefix from the
   filenames they're working on if the target filesystem is the
   same as the local filesystem.  This serves two purposes:

     1) It ensures files accessed locally are handled the same
        way regardless of how they are specified.  Things like
	the shared library search algorithm in solib_find, for

     2) It avoids cluttering GDB's output with "target:" prefixes.

Built and regtested on RHEL 6.6 x86_64.

Ok to commit?



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