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Re: [PATCH] Share the "multi_line" helper among all Ada testcases

> This patch is a tiny cleanup for the Ada testsuite: it put the
> "multi_line" helper (currently defined in 6 testcases) in a common
> place: ada.exp. It triggers no regression (tested on x86_64-linux).
> Ok to push?
> Thank you in advance,
>     gdb/testsuite/ChangeLog:
>     2015-03-10  Pierre-Marie de Rodat  <>
>         * gdb.ada/complete.exp: Remove "multi_line".
>         * gdb.ada/info_exc.exp: Remove "multi_line".
>         * gdb.ada/packed_tagged.exp: Remove "multi_line".
>         * gdb.ada/ptype_field.exp: Remove "multi_line".
>         * gdb.ada/sym_print_name.exp: Remove "multi_line".
>         * gdb.ada/tagged.exp: Remove "multi_line".
>         * lib/ada.exp: Add the "multi_line" helper.

At the time I introduced this function, I thought it should even
be in gdb.exp, but others did not agree with its usefulness, which
explains why I ended up duplicating it everywhere.

Let's do the following: Let's give people a week to comment on
this, and if there are no objection, let's put it in ada.exp.
If others agree that this should be in gdb.exp, then let's do that
instead, and then add some documentation in our "testcase cookbook"
wiki page about this routine.

Thanks, Pierre-Marie.


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