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Re: [PATCH] Fetch all registers before writing the core register notes.

On 03/14/2015 10:02 PM, John Baldwin wrote:
> Without this, not all registers were present in the core generated by gcore.
> For example, running 'gcore' on a program without examining the vector 
> registers (SSE or AVX) would store all the vector registers as zeros because
> they were not pulled into the regcache.  Running 'info vector' before 'gcore'
> would store the correct values in the core since it populated the regcache.
> For Linux processes, a similar operation is achieved somewhat by having the
> thread iterator callback invoke target_fetch_registers on each thread before
> its corresponding register notes are dumped.
> (I don't plan on including that level of detail in the commit log, just as
> a way to explain the bug this change fixes.)

I think it's good to have the detail in the log.  If you felt the need to
explain it for review, then a future archaeologist looking at git log/blame
would likely appreciate the same info.

> gdb/ChangeLog:
> 	* fbsd-tdep.c (fbsd_make_corefile_notes): Fetch all target registers
> 	before writing core register notes.

Looks fine to me.

Pedro Alves

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